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Only other thing I can think of is how did the back up die? Did it take a voltage surge from like a lightning strike for example? It might have damaged the DMX drive in the console and/or fixtures.

The only other stuff I can think of is the standard stuff like DMX cable and not mic cable, tried a terminator, and the thing I suggested on the Elation forum.
I'm not sure exactly how it died. I've been working with the board for a year and a half...could have just run out of juice. It didn't recieve a surge or anything of that nature as far as I know. I work for a working band, and whenever It's not in use it's unplugged. I have them working well enough for now, but I don't have as much control over the them as previously. As for the cables, we've already run into that snag and corrected the cables.
Thanks for the advice.
I have six 64B LED PRO lights.

2 of them do not have the seven (7) channel mode.
 To run the 7 Channel Mode, press the MODE button until “001” 
with a small dot underneath the middle number is displayed. This 
is the DMX addressing for the 7 Channel Mode. Set your desired 
DMX address. 

I can only get them into 3 channel and 6 channel mode. Are there different versions floating around out there with different firmware? How can I get the new firmware loaded into these two lights so that I get the same behavior across all my lights when in DMX mode.

Note: the 7th channel adds "Dimmer" functionality.

Best Regards,
Wesley Longsdorf
Swapping out the IC's for firmware upgrades?

Man, that's so old school, but I sure do love it!! You gotta love that kind of support, because ADJ is stating a fact about product evolution, and then providing a solution to the issue.

A: What kind of company does that? A company that cares.
B: Even though they are SELLING the solution, there IS a solution.

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