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Well, ADJ claims the Sunray-type lights are a substitute for a mirror ball. It works, but it's not quite the same though.

I haven't examined their newer LED offerings. I'd go with Jingle's suggestion though, because the Sperions look like a modernization of the Sunray. It has what I'd look for in a replacement: LED, DMX control(speed and direciton, dimming is neat, strobbing I wouln'd have a use for, but a nice option to have.
I haven't looked at the video yet but the product page pictures look nice.

I'm not sure if it would be a viable option for the original poster, but it would be an option.

I just happen to have a preference for something like the Sperions. But then again, the actual LOOK of a mirror ball hit with some pinspots is my ultimate preference. I just need to get LED pinspots to shoot at my 8" mirror ball.

Oh, and get a gig that would make sense to use that little rig!

I also think the Quad Phase would present a few options the Sperion wouldn't be able to offer.
Thanks for the suggestions guys... the Spherion looks nice... I'm not sure how it will mount on a truss though?... it looks like a unit that would work best sitting on top of something... I never took the "Jelly's" seriously but seem to keep coming back to this one... seems like it would be good for slow songs as a mirrorball effect but can also be used for the faster stuff.....

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