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Why wont my midi triggers change as requested when a sequence is running...

ie i have created motion fx for my scanners and mapped gobo / color changes to midi keys.

when i execute the motion scene i am unable to manually trigger gobo or color changes.

however, i have one slider mapped to my adj uv 16 lamp and that seems to be the only item accepting midi imput.

scenes are triggering with midi triggers...
is this software limited to only enable pre set routines to run?
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no, i assigned midi keys to control features i wanted to manually control not a step in the recorded sequence. As i want to change the color or gobo wheels - when ive only created x/y movement using the fx builder...

so the movement is running on its own in auto, and the gobo's and color can change as i hit the required midi key!

The midi i done by right clicking the fader i wanted to change, selected the 'learn midi commend' and repeated for every feature i wanted to change.

i have the user options set to ltp
trigger display = midi
keyboard priority = channels

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