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I am am having difficulty trigging scenes via an external midi connection. MyDMX appears to recognize a MIDI signal (the waiting for Midi box disappears as I hit a key on my MIDI keyboard), however, it doesn't trigger (the scene does not start when I hit the same key on my MIDI keyboard). Does anyone have any experience in troubleshooting this problem?

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Thank you so much ! You are very, very helpful.

I think I just discovered the answer to my own question: I was able playback scenes from my MIDI keyboard as long as MIDI notes are at velocity 127.

The next challenge is to get MyDMX and Arkaos MIDI to run in parallel from the same external midi input. Anyone have any insight into how to accomplish this?

Dave H
Make sure MyDMX is in the foreground and in the proper window: USER

I wouldn't run MyDMX and a video program at the same time on the same machine. Asking for trouble.

Now, sepparate machines, sure, no problem.

Don't Y-split your MIDI outs. There are inexpensive solutions for that. Likewise, don't Y-combine MIDI inputs. There are fairly inexpensive MIDI merge units for that as well.

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