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I have been testing mydmx on windows.

There is no option on the software to tell it which midi device installed on the system the software will listen on, how can you specify?

If would like to control the software faders on scanner parameters i.e. x / y / colour etc. I can drag the mouse on the fader in the software and the parameter will change on my units which is fine but what about assigning a pot or any other external rotary encoder that goes from 0-127 is this possible, i tried turning a few but "waiting for midi" remained on screen.


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which version of the software are you running? Also you should be able to assign a pot to any channel on your fixture simply right click the channel in the editor tab. the waiting for midi command should go away once you move a fader or pot on your midi controller. one thing to make sure is to have the midi controller plugged in before you open the software. are you using a software console or a hardware midi console? Let me know. Sincerely,
First off, I'm putting in a disclaimer:
I'm not a developer or employee of ADJ or Elation.

That being said:

The MIDI control is "scene/trigger" based only. You're NOT given the option to use a MIDI device to use as a CONTROLLER.

In my experience with testing, I only have devices for the most part that are only giving me note on/off control, mainly since if I bring a keyboard into the house, my wife will kill me. Too big, so I've been using a dinky MS-1 sampler. It has been shown that MyDMX will work off of other controller input, namely rotary pot cotrollers, and I suppose that it could work with volume controllers too.

The MyDMX program simply listens for any MIDI input on any channel. I know for sure it can listen to and respond to note-on, which is the easiest for triggers.

Ideally, if you want that sort of control, you need to go with a software application that can work in conjunction with a DMX controller. I mean, it's one of those "right tools for the right job" sort of thing.

So, just to clarify: MIDI implementation is based on scene triggering, not design control.

Make sure your rotary pots are not set for "local only" and they might work, but I wouldn't want to use those as triggers.
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Thank you for you replies. James - are you saying i shoud be able to map a rotary control to a fader that controls a scanner parameter?

I am looking to control such a parameter with one of these - i can set up the midi mapping but to what? A Continuous Controller on any number and mydmx should recognise it?

What i am saying is if you have a rotary pot on your midi console. then you may assign it to any pan or tilt channel. but only one channel per pot. simply right click on the channel in edit mode and once you see the waiting for midi command prompt turn your pot nad it should be saved. i had done it when i had a BCF-2000 briefly and it worked nicely.
MyDMX isn't fussy, but once you associate that rotary controller, take note of the channel and what it's assigned for, because once MyDMX knows what it saw before, it expects to see that again.

Think rather simple. It's sort of like "Oh, that's what you want me to look for? OK, done. Got it" But it's gotta be exactly that same thing next time. So, if you change your MIDI channel or the controller assignment, it's not going to work next time. Most likely, only the channel being different would probably be your only problem, and you'd probably say "Oops, change channels, I forgot about that" and be back and running again.

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