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I'm using myDMX3.0 for an fixed installation, everything controlled by an ipad.

Now we also want to control the audio by this ipad using the dmx software as the GUI. The Audio-Mixer should be controlles via MIDI by an "fake" DMX-Fixture.

The Dimmer-Fixture is mapped to the correct Midi-Channel and it is working fine: when I move the fader, the information is transmitted via Midi to the Audio-Mixer and the connected audichannel is controlled fine. -> So all great!

In the next step, I added an Fader to the show-page to have a control-fader on the ipad to control the Fake-Fixture. That also works fine, but in this setup, there are no Midi-Signals transmitted. So the fixture-fader is controlled by the show-page-fader and the DMX output is also doing the same. The only thing, that is not working, is the Midi output.

What am I missing, or is it a bug?

Thank you for your help and greetings from Germany


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Hey, thanks for your answer.

sadly yes, it is connected correctly, when i move the fader on the ipad, the fixture-fader is also moving, but the Midi doesn react.

The other way round - so moving the fixture-fader - the fader on the ipad is moving and the midi does react and everything is working properly...

So in my perception, it is a bug, because i cant figure out, how to make it work and i also doens't see the use of this one-way-connection.

Greets Tobi

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