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I recently did an installation that included a Micro Galaxian.

I plugged the unit into a 4-channel dimmer so that all the lighting operator has to do is bring up the fader to activate the fixture. It works wonderfully EXCEPT, it would appear that the 4-way dimmer that is being used "leaks" a little voltage or something. The Micro-Galaxian doesn't operate, but it blinks every few seconds.

So a few questions. First, do all 4-way dimmers let a little juice through them even when turned down all the way?

Is there a way to rectify this cheaply and easily?

How do you incorporate non-DMX lighting fixtures into a DMX system?

Thanks to anyone with advice on the issue!
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Hi, please always make sure that the dimmer pack is set to switch mode. As in for any channel DMX value 0-127 is off and 128-255 in ON. no variable dimming as the fixtures you are plugging into the outlets are not made to handle variable power like a par can does. So a switch mode is preferable.
you will need a LED dummy, we sell them on our website here:
Plug the lasers power cord into the female side of it and then plug the other end of the dummy into the dimmer pack power input. Make sense? these were designed for LED fixtures, but should work in this case for lasers also.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Very interesting! I spoke with tech support and they said I would need to purchase an SP-4LED which I am considering, but this would be a much cheaper fix, as this dimmer pack has both incandescent PARs and LED fixtures plugged into it.

Unfortunately, the dimmer pack in question does not have a switching mode.

Thanks so much for the information!
The venue was open to the idea of buying the SP-4, and everything works great!

My one critique though would be that it would be awesome if you made an SP4-Lite, that doesn't have all those bells and whistles. The one thing that screwed me up in installation was that you don't have a simple, 4-channel operating mode where each fader operates a dimmer. Why do you need a master dimmer for a dimmer pack?

But that's a small thing. No big deal. The unit works well. The client is super happy!

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