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I'm assuming that with the introduction of the Megabar RGBA that the old Megapixel LED is getting phased out, which likely means a clearance? Please? Smiler

I use a fairly rudimentary software package called DMXIS to operate my fixtures. One of the nice functions is that for RGB fixtures, it will automatically set colors for me. They have like, three shades of brown! I mean it's not the best thing ever but it takes some of the quesswork out of things.

With the addition of amber LED's, will you offer any kind of guide for this super wide range of hues it will offer? How does the introduction of the amber LED affect things in terms of say, producing amber light, something that I used to make with 100% red and 20% green LED's?

I guess I'm asking if there will be a primer for those of us who aren't formally trained in light mixing. Thanks!
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Not really much of a primer, grab one, hook it up to DMX and start making color hues. LEarn by experimentation. There are built in color macros in most DMX channel configurations, and there are also handy color mixing charts online that have Amber included.
If you have any specific color mixing questions, feel free to post here and let us know.

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