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Just starting this DJ concept at home, built a small club and trying to learn.

I set up 6 Mega Panels as 26ch, FX won't turn on all segments of each panel just one, can I set it up to produce on all?

Any way to move all sliders of one color at the same time without selecting each?

Can't find profiles for Antari Smoke machine z100 II

Can´t find profile for PROLIGHT Laser AL-RS308T

And I'm sure i'll come up with tons more questions as I go.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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EZ welcome to the forums. See the way the profile creator is currently I cannot add more than one RGB channel per fixture. So to get around this you have to split it up as numerous fixtures in the software. So for example you need to use 8 generic RGB profiles found in the generic folder and then add a custom 2 channel profile for the strobe and dimmer channels. i can make those for you. since you have 6 you have to do what i just described 6 times in the software. So do the 8 RGb profiles and then the 2 channel custom profile i can make for you and then repeat that 5 more times and then you should be able to access all the RGb segments on all your panels. Sound good? I can post up a picture of an example of how it should look. Let me know.
I can also build you the profile for the fog machine. but you will have to email me the DMX traits for the laser. my email is james k At american dj DOT COM.
Hi Jingles thanks, I'm quite impressed. So once you send the profile for channels 25 & 26 how do I add them to myDMX?

I already made 8 devices out of the first Panel, Is there any way to group these? i.e. if when using the shift option I only want to address Panel 1 and not Panel 2 can that be done?

Thanks again


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