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Hi all,

I wanted to give everyone a heads up and also alert ADJ of a problem I am experiencing over and over with 2 of their lights. I currently use 1 Mega Bar Pro LED and 2 Mega Bar 50 LED lights and have experienced numerous failures of the cheap plastic end caps on all 3 fixtures. This also includes the cheap plastic T-screws that mount the bracket to those end caps that are failing. Those T screws are cheap and the plastic keeps breaking off the metal screw itself, so it becomes unusable unles you break out a wrench. The end caps are cracking all over the place and causing the bracket to come detached from the light. The only reason a light has not fallen off one of my rigs and craned someone in the noggin... is the DMX cabling saves the day. If anyone is using these mounted high with no DMX cabling there is a good chance they will come tumbling down after the power cord comes out... after an end cap failure.

ADJ is there a fix for this or are you guys even aware of these problems? I keep ordering replacements from you and spending money on the same low quality parts. Please fix this and send me some free replacement parts so I can once again repair these defective items, then please send me the re-engineered parts when they become available. Any help?

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Hey Ric. I'll let our service guys know however you should be using a steel gauge safety cable on ALL fixtures being hung on the truss. If You don't have any safety cables you can order them from us. They I believe are fairly inexpensive. It's two cables per bar. I wanna say any bar over two feet. But you could still double up on smaller bars. Hope this helps.

yes, I safetied them after I noticed the problem.

Service Boss,

I don't think you read my entire post. I have repeatedly purchased these parts and they keep failing. That is the issue I was trying to convey. I keep having to purchase the same parts over and over....I do not stand them on end as you had mentioned, in fact they are mounted on trussing using ADJ O-clamps and they remain on the trussing stored and transported in ADJ Arriba bags. I take great care of this equipment since I have invested a significant amount in them (some would say a small fortune!) It is not a case of abuse causing the issue. I believe it to be a bad design or poor quality control. I am willing to bet that more people are experiencing these same problems and I am hoping they will chime in on this thread. The end caps and plastic T handle screws are failing on a consistent basis.

I just purchased 7 of these Mega Bar 50's from a fellow DJ. 3 had this problem. I otherwise received a nice deal on these lights, but I can not believe how cheap these parts are either. People from ADJ....I own quite a few of ADJ products but I have never seen anything as bad as what I see in this design. I'm considering dumping them on someone else, I guess that is what my fellow DJ had in mind when he sold them to me.
I have 2 Mega Bar 50's, on which the plastic ends have deteriorated after a matter of months of light use. Luckily I don't suspend them from truss though so no danger of them taking me out from above!! Razzer
And as I have suggested to ADJ, many deejays and pros these days will look at roundabout ways of creating "makeshift" solutions for faults like this, rather than complain to their dealer and pay through the nose to send them back for repair. Hence the reason it's not been identified as a "common fault".
So Directed Dash I'm interested in your creative makeshift solutions for the problem. Kind of seems ridiculous to believe that is what we have to resort to. I just replaced 4 of the end caps on a some of my 50's, put them away in their padded case and noticed that one of the others that I thought was OK, has now failed.

Also I noticed that this model does not have a safety hook to attach a safety cable? How could you attach a cable?
I have used the Mega Bar 50's for uplighting. These units are no good for this purpose. Once they are kicked or stepped on they are trashed. I lost one lase night after being steped on by a guest at the venue. Totally snapped the plastic end cap in half. I will be replacing these with metal encased flat slim RGBA fixtures. But not from ADJ I'm sorry to say.
I've had problems with the end caps on my Mega bar50's. Let me explain, and this is why I keep a small inventory of replacements:

OK, first, one came with a bad cap. The thumb screw was worthless. Just a bad threaded insert. Out of 8 total(16 caps) and one bad one, who cares. ADJ sent a replacement.

My idiot crew BROKE 4 of them just by being idiots. They were slamming stuff down and not taking care of MY gear. HUMAN issue. My new crew takes care of my stuff, because they know how it does into another show that they ALL have a shared interest in. Either way, they take care of my gear.

At one event, a rave, the MC/host brings people up on stage. Now, I've SEEN this guy before, I've worked with this guy before. And let me say this about out: I LIKE working with this guy and WILL CONTINUE to work with this guy in the future, so let's me clear, I've got no issue with the guy, who goes by the stage name DJ Helsing. Part of what he does is bring people on stage to dance. Well, one year, they(the dancers) got especially stupid and some idiot decided to jump OFF the stage and he knocked a Mega Bar 50 pretty hard and busted the cap. Again, human error. I'm of the mindset that despite the costs, I'd rather lose a light than have someone get hurt. So, going forward, DJ Helsing does NOT want me to use the Mega Bar 50's at the foot of HIS STAGE, which I have to say, while I'm not thrilled with this decision, it IS a necessity. It means I have to reset them each morning. Oh well, that's what the job entails.

So, it's good to carry spare parts. LOTS of spare parts! I just wish that on that event described above, my idiot crew hadn't already gone through all my spares due to their incompetence.

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