I have 4 Mega Par Plus and 4 Mega Hex Pars daisy chained with DMX cable. I want to auto run all of them. 8 fixtures in all terminated. Separate power source for like fixtures.

 Can I do a master-slave setup with my mega Par Pluses and a master-slave setup with my Mega Hex Pars even though they are all connected together?

 I want to set a Master Mega Par and a Master Meg Hex Par to Auto Run Mode and have them control their 3 other fixtures set in Slave mode.

 Is it ok if they are all daisy chained together with DMX Cable, or will there be a problem. Should I redo my cables and only connect Pars to Pars and Hex Pars to Hex Pars.

 Any thoughts on this? Very New at all this.

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Hello, if you are trying to master/slave your lights you will want to make sure to keep the Mega Pars and the Mega Hex Pars separate. You will need to have the first light for each chain set to the Auto Run Mode while the rest are set up for Slave Mode.

so they can't be in the same DMX Daisy chain. They have to be Mega Hex to Mega Hex and Mega Par to Mega Par.

If I read that right?  Thanks Erik


Correct, it is because each light when run in master/slave will send signal to lights of the exact same name. It won't mess up your run to have the Hex and the Pars connected but it wouldn't be needed since they would be able to slave from one another.

now I'm really confused. You said they can't be connected and then you said it won't mess up if the Hex and Pars are connected. Which one is it?

OMG. Life was simple once. 



Sorry about that, I don't recommend it since they won't be able to work together. I may have tried to explain a bit too much in my previous post. The best way to think of it is if they have the exact same name they can be master/slave. If they don't then you shouldn't connect them together.

Thank You! That is perfect. I will try that today. Look for my new post coming soon: "How do I run Audio from my Mixer into my DMX Operator 384?" I have lots of questions. LOL


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