Martin Rush Wizard MyDMX 2.0

I am trying to build a scene for my new Martin Rush Wizards in MyDMX 2.0. When I turn on the shutter the light comes on and all functions seem to be available.

However, when I choose a position effect from the FX panel nothing seems to happen. All the videos I have seen online the unit begins to move.

Is the option to use the position effects not working because the Rush Wizard isn't a moving head, or am I not understanding how to use the software correctly?

Thanks in anticipation
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Hi nick, what release date of the program are you using? also maybe pan and tilt are running right away by default cause the fixture profile has the Wizard as a barrel declination and rotation of the drum channels instead of normal pan and tilt. click the drop down menu to where you can choose the channels being applied and find those names.

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