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Kinda, sorta.

I know you can assign a controller(typically a MIDI device) to channels. Like, let's say you have a joystick type controller on your keyboard(such as my old Korg DS-8), you can assign your X and Y channels to MyDMX. Short of that, a Korg Nanopad has an X/Y pad and can do the same thing, but it's a bit dodgy assigning either way due to the non-exact nature of people.

As far as "on the fly", again, yes and no. You need to find what works best for you, either HTP or LTP. As scenes come and go, things may or may not changed for you automatically.

What you can do is just make more complex scenes. MyDMX is more "snapshot" based, so even in a complex scene with many steps, it's basically moving from step to step as if running a series of "frames" in a movie. It is what it is, it does what it does.

The problem comes in with "well, I want to do this, and then I want to bring this other element in and out". That's a but more typical of what you want to accomplish here, where you are trying to run more than one scene concurrently. Unfortunately, MyDMX does not support that.

But, if all you want to do is tweak on the fly, then I suppose using HTP and LTP might be your options, coupled with a MIDI controller.

Another option might be a DMX controller and a DMX merger combined with MyDMX to group additional signals together.
Many thanks for your reply, i am so new to this that i dont undertand the technical bits yet! i am sorry!
Could you reccomend a dmx controller that i can mainly operate X AND Y , change the colour, shutter and black out by pressing a button as i go, instaed of programming scenes, the display i want to create is more of a stage lighting set up i suppose?
Once again sorry for my lack of knowlege, i do appreciate your help here.
Many Thanks
You're honestly better off with different software or a really good DMX controller to do what it is you're trying to accomplish.

I like the MyDMX product, but a lot of people come expecting this product to be the answer to all their needs. Its a fantastic product full of loads of features and it really is a tremendous value for what they offer. But it's not designed to handle everything.

You may wish to try playing with the 3D Visualizer and setting up your lights appropriately. This may help you understand what you want to do in a given space. It just really depends on how you intend to do things.

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