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Hi All
I'm really interested in purchasing this program and have dowloaded the demo
I've been having fun building shows ,most of the lights I have are in the scan library, but there is one that is not
Visual Effects Lynx V150R
I've read the manual and have searched everywhere but cannot edit any fixtures
I,m wondering if the demo program does not include the scan library editor, I can't find it anywhere in the My DMX prgram
if some one could build one for me or explain how to create my own I would be greatful
I've watched the video from jinges but I'm thinking it's a different program all together

- DMX Ch. 1 = color wheel
- DMX Ch. 2 = gobo wheel
- DMX Ch. 3 = dimmer and strobe
- DMX Ch. 4 = pan
- DMX Ch. 5 = tilt

channel 1 color wheel
position dmx trait description
1 0-7 white
8-15 white/pink
2 16-23 pink
24-31 pink/blue
3 32-39 blue
40-47 blue/green
4 48-55 green
56-63 green/yellow
5 64-71 yellow
72-79 yellow/magenta
6 80-87 magenta
88-95 magenta/lite blue
7 96-103 lite blue
104-111 lite blue/red
8 112-119 red
120-127 red/white
128-255 color scroll slow-fast

channel 2 gobo wheel
1 0-31 open
2 32-63 breakup
3 64-95 line
4 96-127 petals
5 128-159 radial lines
6 160-191 spiral
7 192-223 stars
8 224-255 circle

channel 3 shutter
0-139 dimmer blackout to full open
140-243 strobing slow-fast
244-255 full open

channel 4 pan
0-255 pan

channel 5 tilt
0-255 tilt

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Tim welcome to the forums! every download of the my dmx software comes with a scan library editor. it just doesnt say editor. go to your windows start menu> program files> my dmx> scan library. and there is the editor. i know for sure it came bundled with the june 5th version. so try upgrading from the website if you are not using the june 5th version. I prefer everybody try their hand at making their own fixture profiles. you never know you might find it easy. if you cant get it it's ok let me know.
The software on the web site is the complete package, same as what you would purchase. The software will simply not work to transmit DMX-512 signalling without the MyDMX dongle. Likewise, another cool feature for those like me who HAVE purchased the software allows for "demo mode" use to off-line create light shows. Come showtime, plug in the dongle and there ya go!

OK, as far as where the editor lives, Jingls was off by a tiny bit.

In my case, it is at:


This came FROM the web site downloadable.

Yes, it makes sense to be in the C:\MyDMX\ScanLibrary\ directory, but that's the location of the library, not the library editor.

Enjoy. What I'd do is get in touch with someone like Jingles after you've made your new fixture library item, and have him "proof read" it. In my case, he pointed out some "overkill" things I didn't really need to to. All I'm going to say is the profiles I made for my fixtures work just fine, and I'm appreciative for the help I received, no matter how small it was.
chris sorry im in a nitpicking mood today so youll have to forgive me. haha! Your location is the central location from the install, my location is the place where you would find the shortcut icon that you could use to move to the dekstop. however BOTH will work. riffraff once your done with your profile send it to me at james K AT American DJ DOT COM and ill proof read it for ya.
Mine is just showing the fresh install, so I see no shortcut.

But as long as RifRaff gets where he needs to be, it doesn't matter who is "right" or "more right".

I'd say in your case, definately having a shortcut to it on your desktop would be more necessary.

Also, I see in my Start Menu, under Programs, under MyDMX, I see ScanLibrary in there. Did ADJ do that for me? Well, in case RifRaff needs another place to look, that might be another good starting point.

I think a shortcoming but also strengh of MyDMX is the wide range of users and their fixtures. ADJ has done a lot to support a great many fixtures from many companies. If we as end users submit our working profiles to ADJ for fixtures currently lacking profiles, then we'll all end up benefitting from it in the end. The weakness is ADJ can't do it all. The strength is the users can fill in the gaps and share.

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