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I'm not sure if this is in the right place so please let me know if this is in the wrong board. And you might need to bear with me a little as I'm fairly computer illiterate!

Anyway, I'm having a bit of an issue with my MacBook Pro, it's about 4 years old, regularly updated, never had any issues with it before. Not been dropped or had anything spilled on it or anything silly like that, used basically every day for nothing too complex, word processing and so on. Has been running like a dream for the whole time I've owned it.

Just recently it has been booting up to a black screen. It chimes as normal, all the relevant lights come on including the keyboard light and the display is working (ie is lit and clearly functional) but just displaying a plain black screen. Very occasionally it will flash to a white screen before going to black but that's only once in a while.

I've tried:

Force restart (nothing)
Shift+CTRL+Option+Power while shutting down (this possibly worked on one occasion but I'm not positive it was what fixed it because it never worked again)
Using the sleep shortcut and powering down (nothing)
PRAM reset (nothing)

After a while of force restarting it will eventually power up properly but I'm fairly desperate to work out what's going on with it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as of course, it's now out of its warranty!


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