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Sorry to hear about your package, just make sure you get your replacements and file a claim with the carrier.

Both the Luna and the Gobo flash are great lights, and both will be good, seems like the gobo flash is a bit more than the Luna's, Well since you need your lighting by the first week of May go for the Gobo flash set, you'll be happy. You got all you need in the package. And hey if your dealer is good enought they'll offer at least a 30 day return policy, if you dont like them return it and get the Lunas again. Wink

The saga is another cool light, but i think you can cannot interconnect them. Unless you plug it into a chase controller. Good luck on your purchase.
Sorry I didn't reply to your IM, Farenhiet (left my machine on at work).

The Gobo systems looks pretty sweet, though. I don't think you would be unhappy with it.

The only question I have is: What lights do you have now? Are these going to replace something, or be added to an existing setup?

Staying in that budget, here's a few other ideas. There's the Advanced Drive Series lights which are linkable. Like the Epsilon or Cosmic. Maybe get two of those.
There's also the 'Pod series, which you can link up with a T4 or something similar. ColorPods or Active Pods would do nicely.

I've been using MonkeyShines. I have these four Rhesus monkeys, I give them each a flashlight with colored lenses. They stand in front of my rig all night waving those flashlights. It works pretty good. And they work for peanuts! Bananas too. Big Grin

Good luck!

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