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OK, I got some questions about the new LTS-70 system, which features 8 LED Par38's on a stand.

Now, forget the stand, forget the chase controller.

I want those bulbs. That's the exact set of bulbs I want. Can ADJ direct me to that? THis would recover my investment on my Par38's, so I'm very interested in going that way. I use Red, Blue, Green and Yellow for my gels, so this would be perfect.

Can't find anything on the parts site yet.

Or is this a replacement Par38 as well?
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I'm digging....

Man, what is ADJ gonna come out with next? It's sort of a mixed bag. It's like "Yeah, that's LED now" and then it's "GRRR!! I have that in traditional technology...."

Next big check: swap it ALL out. You hear me ADJ? I dare you to come out with the following in LED:

Electra(oh, you did that)
Sunray III(not quite right on that one)
Rover II
barrel Flex
Double Twist

Don't nee the Color Fusions, that's what the Punch Pro's are for.

Yeah, make me look like a dummy. You do those proper in LED, and I'll spend the money on it. DMX please!!

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