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This is the first time I've experienced this since learning MyDmx, so maybe I forgot something. I've had this stage and show built for some time, but decided to tweak a bit. Opened the show in MyDmx and started the visualizer. Got the patch changed automatic mode" message and the lights went to default positions across the stage. Not all lights, though, only the par cans. All LED's stayed where they were saved. Don't think anything has changed, since I hadn't opened this show in several weeks. Any suggestions?
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It seems that when I put the lights into the scene I used a profile I had made for the par cans. When I replaced them all with the standard profiles in the scan library, I had no more problem. Like I said, this file hadn't been opened in several weeks. I guess these were the profiles that I started learning to build. All is right with the world once again...
Paul & Chris, I may have an answer for you on this.

I assume that you are using the 'duplicate' option for your multiple lights as I think MyDMX will only allow a single occurance of a fixture from the select list.

I had the same issue when building my new stage set in the visualiser. Every time I reloaded, the duplicates would disappear.

I realised that this was due to the auto-update being set within the visualiser. Everytime it was restarted, it would re-read the profile list within MyDMX and remove the duplicates.

To resolve this problem, you need to disable the Auto Patching.

Load the Visualiser and your required set. Change to Construction Mode.

In the lower section, left side, click on the mini Moving Head icon (Add Fixture(s)).

In the window which appears, remove the tick from the "Get the patch automatically from the controller" option.

Accept the change.

Now, add in you duplicate items and save the stage set.

Now reload the Visualiser and set and you duplicates should be still in place.

This does mean that you will need to manually add any new fixtures to the set but this is less of a problem than adding back your duplicates every time you want to work on the set.

Hope this helps.

Well, I'm going to be tweaking my stage and my show today, so I'll certainly have the the time to go over this. I'll just make the extra time to go and re-add those Par Cans.

Since I won't be buying new lights for a while(money is going to an iLive T112 with an IDR48 and LED lamps and a 120m Cat6 with ruggedized connectors, a Tascam X48 with analog IO and 2 AT 3000-series wireless with condenser handhelds and bodypacks in the C-band). Lighting will take a back seat for a while as far as new stuff. This does allow me more time to figure out which lights to buy next.
I'll give a status report once i get a chance to do this. Right now, MyDMX is low on the priority list. Got things to do today, then once those are done, it's MyDMX time.

I gotta buy rack screws, assemble and wire 4 racks(100+ cables, and building many of them), repair some cables, stuff a drive into an enclosure(and buy the enclosure) and get wife a new cell phone AND buy some fish food for my monster fish. Gotta make sure my royal clown knife and south american red tail catfish are well fed before I introduce the gigantic giant gourami to that tank. Next steps: Grow an oscar and an arowana for that tank.
I've been too busy to even address this issue.

Let's put it this way, my family managed to waste 80 hours of time, putting me 80 hours behind schedule, for someone(me) who works an average of 120 hours a week. Ah, self employment. While I have done extensive stuff with MyDMX, this hasn't been a priority.

Right now, I have a 3 laptops to work on, a desktop, Super8, 8mm and 16mm films, plus somse large tape transfer orders are slated any day now and I am already preparing for a small event Sunday, then having to train someone for an event next Saturday where it appears I'll be providing video only services.

However, there's no question the advise is something all users should be aware of, because it is useful, and may even be necessary information for many MyDMX users.
I don't give yes or no. I have to justify all my actions to a bunch of people, who want thorough explanations.

So, you're not going to get a simple answer. Tell ya what, work my schedule and do what I do, and then get back to me on it.

Honestly, chances are I won't address this issue for at least 3 months at this point due to scheduling. RIght now, fighting a hard drive failure(drive bought to recover an apparently failing drive worked to recover the data, but now it in turn is failing and it's 3 months old, and so yet another drive had to be purchased to recover onto). Time lost, utilizing gear I need for another task, throwing me further behind schedule.

Gah, hard drives suck. They don't make them like they used to. I hope these solid state drives get fast, large and affordable fast. In the meantime, I'm investing heavily into BlueRay for data archival. I hope this becomes a viable long term storage format but I doubt it right now. $10 blanks for $50, they gotta get those prices down fast too.

Between that and this one MOFO who screwed me on a job, and this other MOFO who screwed me on another job, the old crank who died rather than pay her bill(I guess I'll go after he estate, don't have th money to do that), I ain't got funding to spare. That and a major client is now 4 months late paying me a major payment.

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