I read in a post from march 2002 a question by someone :
"******* CDJ-500 has this Loop-Fix feature with allows you to fix the end point of a loop (close it or open it). Could that be done with the PS2?"

the answer was : YES ( from DJ SKILZ )

I looked through the manual of the PS2 and didn't find this feature ... you could re-enter the end point only but could NOT move the currently set end point back and forth until you reach a prefect loop.

If you don't hit the end-loop button and the exact time ... you have to retry until you hit it when you want it.

I'm sorry to say ... but it's just not the same

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Dj Bin what is your question? Are you asking if you can adjust a loop once you have made one and it wasn't quite how you want it. Now first off let it be known with the feature on the other player that allows you to do that you would have to adjust in your headphones prior to mixing it over. With that said you can just replay the portion you want to loop and resample until you get it right. It sounds like you want the player to do all the work instead of you doing it. YOU have to be in sync with the music and have a good sense of rhythm. I use the Pro Scratch in the clubs every weekend and I use the loop feature almost the whole night with my hip hop sets. Never ever had a problem getting my mix on. You can do it, but you have to really get to know the players. Don't assume that the player has a feature and it should work right every time. Remember we practice and practice to do something no one else can...that is be a dj in the truest sense. You have created something no one else has and they will ask you how did you do that? Practice practice practice. And make sure you are calm. Practice the parts that you want to be better at and then move to the next. Let me know what's up. Cool
to start a loop, push the in button. to finish a loop push the out button. to exit the loop, push out again.

if you're wanting to change the loop after you've made it, that is, make it shorter or longer, wait til the loop restarts (watch the display if necessary) then push out and listen for the new point you want to close it. when it arrives, push out to set the new end point. the new end point can either be at a shorter or longer interval than the first loop you've created. does that make sense?

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