Hey Am currently have a wav file of a mix I have done and am looking for a certain program to burn a music cd that would allow me to tell it where to start the next track position if that makes sense for e.g. the first song I have played has finish and u can hear the second song fading in over the first so I would want my second track hear without having any gaps in the music.

Also would be the best program for remixing

Thanks in advance Smiler
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create a cue file in notepad and load that into your burning software.

aznd remix software? thats like asking what car has 4 wheels. for starting out, it's hard to go past fruityloops or reason.
Hey my first question I can actually answer Smiler

Acoustica mp3 is software that is easy to use and does exactly what you want. Search my posts in the lighting area.

You save as an MP3, then I burn that one big MP3 file in NERO. I have never checked if there is burning software in Acoustica.All CDs I have made are perfect.
ok ok enouygh with the ****py poorly written consumer software. you need 4 pieces of software to create PROFESSIONAL mp3's and cds of your mixes. and 5 if you are ripping from cd.

1) Audio Editor/Recorder. This could be as simple as Window's recorder or as Complex as Cubase SX. A simple to use starting point is sound forge. Sound Forge is an Incredibly powerful piece of editting software. not the most powerful but I guarantee you it will do more then you need. Other alternatives include Wavelab, and Cool Edit.

2) MP3 CODEC. DO not use accoustica or audio catalyst or any other ****py jukebox piece of software. download yourself LAME. it's the best. when u get it it's just a CODEC but i think its packaged with Razor Lame GUI now. this is plain and simply the best way to create MP3's from raw files.

3) Notepad. Yes this simple little text editor is the best way to split a large file into smaller files. No you don't actually do any separation of data with this. Rather you create a cue sheet. A cue sheet has the times to split each track. You can also title your tracks and discs. This leaves the integrity of your files. A cue file is essentially an image.

4) Burning software. If you are on a mac use Toast. If you are on PC use Nero or Fireburner. There simply are no other reliable options. Apart from maybe the newly released Sonic Foundry CD Architect but that does everything 1,3,4 do and more. It's also expensive. I'm trying to weasel an evaluaion copy to check it out. In the meanwhile stick with these I've reccomended.

5) If you are gonna rip files from cd to either edit or turn into MP3's, use EAC. Exact Audio Copy. It produces the most sample accurate reproductions of the redbook cd audio in windows waveform.

If you use these productss i've suggested then you will get professional results with zero problems on a consistent basis. They may not be as easy to use initially but in the long run they are.

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