I'm looking for a collection of factory pressed CD's to take on the road. I'm aware of a collection called "DJ Tools" which used to be available but I can't find them now. I think Mobile Beat had a collection at one time too but I can't find any info. I'm looking for any mobile DJ standards collections which may be available? Keep in mind that I'm a wedding/corporate party DJ so I'm looking for a collection of all those brainless standards (Celebration, Brickhouse, YMCA). I think having a set of factory pressed CD's could help me out with some issues I'm having with my burned CDs. Any ideas?
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I know some of these posts looking for a basic CD collection are a little old but if you're still looking, I have what you need.
I have an original collection (not copies) of the Mobile Beat 1 & 2 format and the Best of Mobile Beat dance CD collection.

Here’s a couple links of the song listings:



38 CD’s in flip sleeves. Rarely used, I bought them for a new DJ I hired but he didn’t work out.

Lat me know if you’re interested and we can discuss price.

Scott 707-486-9093
Go to craigslist and type in dj on the search and you should get at least twenty or so djs selling their 500 gig to 1 terabite hardrive collection for $100 or so bucks. You will need an external hardrive and then you can pick and choose what tracks you want to burn on cd. there are ways you can get music without paying but you might feel guilty afterwards.
If you have the time to sort through 20,000 songs (which about 19,000 are unusable at most weddings)from a pirated drive, go right ahead. But if you want to have everything you need with BPM's, breaks and in cd form, you should really consider the collection I have available. After all, what's your time worth?
Doctor Grothe
Iam Mobile DJ from Germany,but i have hear ,that gave for a long Time for the American DJ`s a Disc-Collection of Basic CD´S
Name of this:

"The Complete DJ Kit Platinum Series I&II"
800 hundred titles on 40 CD`S with all Musicstyles for 850,00 US-Dollar

I have not this Set Frowner

Iself have build my own Collection of ca.2000 CD`s
more then 800 Hundred of this a Maxi-CD`s the Rest ar some Albums and many Samplers.
Style is from 50er -2011
All Genres

When you will build self your own
Here the Series of my CD-Sampler for my
German Mobile Disco:
Some of this CD-Series are good for you too

Bravo Hits /Bravo Black/Bravo Year Editions
Future trance
Red Collection from Media Markt
Just the Best
Rhytmus der Nacht 1-8
Schlagerfox 1-5
Gnadenlos Deutsch
Apres Skihits
Ultimative Chartshow
Burning Heart ( Rock)
Zillo Club Hits(Gothic)
and many more.....
Albums of the Top Interprets
Maxi-Singles from the Top-hits

+Special CD and Titles:
your own Mixes
Maryied-CD (Hochzeit)
Dinner Music (Classic-Jazz-Lounge-Instrumental)

Some For Special Days we Halloween,Christmas,Beachparty

and Opening and Ending Music

DJ-LJ Popeye
Hey Jerry. ADJ/AA and all the admins and mods of this forum do not advocate stealing or illegally downloading music in any way. It is one of the forum rules. It is possible a post slipped through the cracks here and there but we will warn first time offenders and then should they post again about the same subject or links they will be banned from the forums.
Just butting in as requested.

I'm not reading the whole thread as I am busy doing lighting design for two shows using Compu Show, but I am also making more good scenes for my rock shows using MyDMX.

First off, DJ's selling hard drives full of music are doing so illegally. Period.

There is the first question of licensing. When you buy a CD or download that MP3, you do not own it. The licensing terms clearly state that you are purchasing a license that allows you to listen to the music, whenever you want to, however much you want to, provided that, for lack of a better description, it's YOUR copy of the media being used. By copy, they are referring to the CD, record, cassette, MiniDisc, DAT, DCC or other tangible media or electronic copies. The license does grant you a fair use agreement where you can copy the disc for your own usage. A good example is what I've done and continue to do: I have copied my entire CD library, at FULL CD quality mind you(none of this MP3 crap for me!) onto two hard drives and a network media server/player. This allows me to access the music I want, when and where I want, which can even cross outside my house. This is ALLOWED under fair usage. I am operating a bit outside of fair usage by having 3 copies of my library, but this is due to "primary usage, fail-over and back-up" and as long as I retain control, there's no problem.

Also, although this is a grey area, is the whole DJ world, of playing music in public. The license doesn't cover that. To legally do so, you're supposed to pay ASCAP and/or BMI fees for the purposes of those agencies collecting royalties. It's how radio works. Now, a DJ can also copy their source material to a hard drive so they don't have to lug "stacks of wax" and boxes of CD's. Let's face it, it's the 21st century, some things are better off this way. But, still, the fair usage agreement doesn't let the DJ use those digital copies be used this way(for venue playback). So, guess what? 99% of you DJ's are operating in an illegal manner. Way to go! Just though you should know that.

Copying your stuff to a hard drive is legal under fair usage policy. The reason is that there is TANGIBLE evidence that you're doing so under a fair usage agreement. You have the CD, you make a copy. You download an MP3, you're entitled to make a copy, USUALLY. In the case of iTunes, Apple's digital rights are sketchy and can be hard to deal with, and since iTunes is free, they'd rather you put iTunes everywhere. But the strength of this is that the LICENSE follows the USER, not the hardware. Still, the USER has to have legitimately purchased the MP3 download.

Fair usage also allows me to put music I want onto my iPhone. I love Apple as a company, but I DETEST iTunes, yet I have to use it to deal with my iPhone. Still, I won't give iTunes a dime. I have imported my entire CD library into iTunes and can put whatever I want into my iPhone.

Selling a hard drive full of music is a violation of the license. It is also a violation of mechanical copyright(unauthorized transfer). Now, let's say I sold my entire CD collection(the physical media) AND the drive I copied it to.... That's covered under the fair use agreement as the SOURCE is moving with the copies. You can't do this with iTunes. But, at the same time, I can't go and keep a copy of the stuff for myself as that would be in violation of the licensing agreement.

NOW, get this kicker for ya to chew on:
Some companies are selling libraries and tracks LEGALLY and distributing them via hard drives. Why? Discs can get too bulky and costly to ship. I mean, a CD library of mine takes up a sizable portion of a wall in my house, can be collapsed into a 500-gig drive that fits in my pocket What's going to be easier to ship? Stacks of CD's or a dinky hard drive? However, you cannot to copy this and sell it, because the copy you keep when you sell it becomes illegal. Again, fair use lets you copy, but not to sell or give away.

MP3's suck but the sales are killing CD sales. Media theft is on the rise due to the ease of it. Artists are hurting and crap is being manufactured. CD prices are on the rise.

I can go tell the whole world what is on my hard drive, Why? Because I can back every last item up with either it being a valid free download, or from a CD that I have purchased. I also will NOT sell it. Unless you're transferring licenses, you're committing a crime. Period. You don't have to agree, you just have to accept it. Criminals need to be prosecuted as they are stealing from artists and helping to keep sending the music biz further into the toilet and driving great artists into bankruptcy.
Thank you Chris, I have met with a RIAA rep and in theory they say playing a mp3 at a reception is in the gray area. But he also said they would never go after someone who does that if: "They have a legal hard copy"

Check with DR Drax of the American Disc Jockey Association in AZ and he will tell you the same.

Chris, you are correct, it is stealing music when you copy someone's hard drive.

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