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Hi guys, hoping to find some help.

I got some Lixada moving heads from Amazon for my basement.

I have these linked together and into the My DMX go transmitter, got it all setup and working and I can control all aspects of each light from the “Fixtures” page. When I go to live mode all I can control is movement and I can get it to strobe white. I have no control over gobos or colors it would seem.

Any help will be gratefully received.

please try to ELI5 too as I know a bit but I’m no expert!


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Hi! Welcome!
so one of the important part of the GO is the fixture profiles, if a profile is poorly made due to poor documentation, things like colors on a color wheel will not work automatically with the rest of the color effects as there no data in the profile to tell the app what color is being used. Same with Gobos, but the gobos are meant to be liek a toggle from the gobo button on the live page, but you are able to manipulate the gobo channels and then store the preset, you could manipulate all the channels from the fixture area and store the preset, but it's best if the gobo are added and simply used as a toggle.
so this really all depends on what fixture you have and if the profile is made correctly with the correct information. Same for Strobe, if its not linked right it wont work, if you want a white strobe i think then the color must be set to white.

Hi, thanks so much for your reply!

I have tried just about every moving head profile from Lixada and also tried some from UKing which did offer more control and I was able to see the gobo fixture page you mentioned in live view. This did change the gobos but wasn’t mapped to the fixture I’m using.
does this meant I have to create a profile myself?

Every day is a school day, right?

I’m fully aware that these are cheap Chinese lights that wouldn’t last long at all out on the road. Hoping they give me a few years in the rave cave before giving out!
the only reason I bought mydmx GO was because the sound mode is worse than terrible. I was on the verge of returning it and giving up so I really appreciate your help.
Thanks again.

Thanks for your help. I am now able to control the hobos and colours!

I can’t seem to get any of the colour chases to work. For example, out of the 4 movers I have, if I set them all to white and one to green I was hoping that the green would cycle through all the lights. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of “set and forget” function on here? Am I missing something?

Ah yes, that makes sense. However each time it clicks on to another program it flips back to the outer colour rings.

I was hoping this was something I could just leave in the corner and would provide better “sound to light” that the internal system.

I live having all the control and if I work the panel myself I can make really cool displays to the music but what if I just want to leave it to run on it’s own.? It’s either on slow, medium or high. It doesn’t jump to these programs based on the intensity of the music as far as I can tell.

@Jingles8302 posted:

Yes it’s uploaded to the main library. Find the fixture again and it’s small dot by it should be yellow or orange indicating it’s got an update.
but you’ll have to delete and repatch what you hap patched already.

Hello!  Just purchased the mydmx 3.0.  I loaded up the software and I see the above mentioned Lixada model light.  When I patch it and I try to do anything with the color switch I don't see it represented on the preview panel on the right.  I tried it with dimmers set up/off, etc.

if I choose the UKing similar model I can see the preview light change colors as I adjust the fader.  The strobe fader DOES work for the above Lixada.....but I dont see anything for color OR gobo when I move the faders.

Any ideas?  Thank you!!!!!!

@Jingles8302 posted:

This profile has colors and gobos for me when i patch it in.

Hi!  on the one you attached I see the colors and gobo on the left where the switches are....but I don't see it reflect on the right preview light.

On some other fixtures I see it reflect as I switch it in real time on the preview fixture.  See attached screenshot.  I don't see the red reflected on the preview lightgobo


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Hi Jingles,

Thanks for being patient with me.  I have tried raising all the sliders in diff combos.  The only way I can get the preview fixture to show anything is when I use the strobe.  I do not see a dedicate shutter slider.  See attached.

What settings are you using to see the preview fixture for this profile?!?!?!?!ghghghhghghghg


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