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HI! I'm new to the forum, so take it easy on me.
I've been DJing for a couple years now and I just got a booking to do sound and lights for a local dance show. I'm pretty good on sound, but I need some guidance on lighting. I've got a hazy idea of what DMX does, but I've got about two months to research what to purchase and get comfortable with it. First I'll list what I have, then what is required of this job. I'm looking at a new budget of about $2500.

10ft. truss
8 par 38 w/gels
non-dmx dimmer pak
Starball II

I plan on another 10ft. truss (most lights will be on sides of stage)I'll list what I have in mind and put an asterik beside the items they specifically require.

10ft. truss
*DMX controller (AM DJ dmx operator 2?)
2 DMX dimmer paks (AM DJ midi or dmx paks?)
*strobe (mega strobe w/dmx?)
*4-6 spots or par 64's
*2-4 multiple color lights (Fab-4 package?)

I don't really understand what the flexibility is of 4 lights plugged into dmx dimmer paks.

Thanks for any help!
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If this is a dancee show it is most liely going to be on a stage. You will need basic color whcih you already have, and a som special fx. I would go with the auto spot 150. Show deigner 2 is a great choice. Also fog or haze is a must. Dry ice awesome to. Let me know if I can help more. I do huge concert and shows here in SD. E-mail me at for more assistance. Good luck


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