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I am new to MyDMX 3 so please forgive my ignorance.

I have been searching the web and this forum for nearly an hour and I can't find how to enable/create a virtual dimming channel for my LED PARs. This results in these particular LEDs ignoring the Master Dimmer and staying on when I dim everything else.

The LEDs are basic RGB lights with a extra DMX channel for color macros and such, but there isn't a DMX channel that controls the brightness.

My old(ancient) Zero88 FatFrog board had LED fixtures with virtual dimmers for controlling brightness on LEDs that only had the RGB channels, but no brightness channel.

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I have found a partial solution, that fixes the Master dimmer problem, but it still doesn't let me dim the LED fixture on it's own.

Going into the grid view of the patch window and marking the RGB channels as "dimmers" allows the Master Dimmer to dim them.

These fixtures are patched as ADJ 64 LED Pros, but they don't have the 7ch dimmer, that's why I needed the virtual dimmer channel.


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