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We have used ADJ lights for 20 years. Traditionally, our simple light show consisted of a chase of four PARS and 4 effects (we call them RACE lights -- Redundant Array of Cheap Effects) - easy for a non technical DJ and cheap to repeat.

While I have other LED PARS and colorstrips, when the FX Fusion Bars came out, it was

exciting because you get several effects in one small box. We can run a small light show off of two FX Fusion Bars.

I don't like the fact that, unlike some other LED PARS, Colorstrips, or panels, there are no built in programs via DMX. (The "Dummy" mini controller doesn't give us enough control). In the PAR world, I like selecting the pattern that we use on a T16F or in the old days, Lightcraft).

Now to the point, I am looking for ideas to program the LED Wash of the FX Fusion Bar 2 or a series of LED Pars.

In the PAR world, I have a list of at least 30 chase patterns that have been used on various controllers such as:

1,2,3,4 (each light blinks on and off)
1-2,3-4 (2 step program with light 1 & 2 on and light 3& 4 on)
1-2-3-4- (all lights on)
1-2-3,2-3-4,3-4-1, 4-1-2 (dark chase)

In the LED World, here are some examples,

R-R-R-R (all Red on each LED PAR or FX Fusion Bar sections)
BG-BG-BG-BG (Blue green on each LED PAR)
R,R,R,R (Reds chase)


Even if there was a list of what scenes (short of recording them by watching the light) these lights do so they can be recreated.

Does anyone have any good LED PAR / FX Fusion Bar chases that I could program into MyDMX, a DMX Operator, or a DMX Duo for my staff to make it easier for them?

While you are at it, any good scanner programs, chases or sequences - maybe written in MyDMX. We also have X-Scan LED's.

In summary, I am looking for cool chases and pattern ideas for programming.
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Remember, you can do on and off with LEDs to get traditional chases you are looking for. You can even do cycle through colors while chasing on and off. For example, start with red on, then that light turns off, then green on, off again, blue on, off again, etc etc. You can make it more interesting by doing red on the first light, green on the second, blue on the three, then the next cycle through, red becomes blue, green becomes red, blue becomes green. Bump up each color. LEDs offer a lot more options then conventionals because you can turn them on and off like conventionals but also change/chase colors as well.

There are a lot of options and I can probably write programs all day for LEDs between colors, chasing, and strobing. Think of LEDs as conventionals with more options.
I can't believe I've actually done this without reading this posting first.

What a mess, but I just went and did it via my 64 LED Pros.

I'm now looking at some bar controllers do do similar things as well with.

The MyDMX FX Generator might be able to address this issue. Just play with that and see what it can offer you.

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