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I've been using the ADJ sc8fc system to control my light's in my mobile system's for years. Been pretty much happy with them but when I saw the LC-wireless, I was hoping it would work with the sc8fc system & I could go wireless. Of course it doesn't so I went ahead & bough the sc-816 system along with the lc- wireless so that I could finally be rid of the old 9 pin cord.

Well, I hooked it up for the first time tonight & it worked great. All the channels worked perfectly.


I turned on the sound system. Turning up the mic channels yields a whining sound that can be lessened by moving the transmitter antenna around, but doesn't completely go away. It's WAY to loud to use. I'm now guessing I'd have to put the light controller/wireless transmitter in a seperate rack from the rest of my gear. Not going to happen.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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Actually there are a couple of things you can try to help.

1st, if it's in the same rack as the rest of your gear, put plastic washers on between the rack rails, and controller as well as between the screws and controller so the contoller doesn't ground itself to the rails which can cause the noise.

2nd, I actually mount the wireless transmitter on the back of my console, on it's own single space plate I custom made to keep it away from the mic, and not on the bottom of the controller trying to transmit through other gear.

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