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I was wondering if someone could recommend a laser for a rock band. We use DMX to control lights from stage using a MIDI foot pedal. We have:

2 LED Colorstrips (back lighting)
2-4 Scanners (back lighting)*
6-12 LED Par cans (back and front lighting)*
2 ADJ TriPearl Moonflowers (back lighting)
1 ADJ Haze Generator (i love haze)

*note: ranges depend on size of stage

here were my thoughts:
1. galaxian sky. since i'm using DMX i could (hopefully) control it such that it's above peoples heads (if needed), ..but i did read a post about not being able to get the liquid sky effect via DMX (which seems hard to believe). i could blackout the colorstrips (which point down to the band) during laser scenes such that the lasers do not get washed out. liquid sky is always a cool effect.

2. galaxian or galaxian royalle - this would definitely go into the crowd given it's like a moonflower on steriods. is that going to be a problem ? i dont think so given the many videos i've seen on youtube. this might be a real cool effect for a slow song scene (blackout all or most of the lights, kick on the laser).

any recommendations from users who own these fixtures ? i'm torn.

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Hello blackeyed, Welcome to the forums. I have used both the Galaxian and the Sky. It is true that you cannot get a actual liquid sky effect out of the unit in dmx mode. I know i was bummed too. but there are other cool effects that you can make with the sky you just got to play with it and see how it looks with your haze in a room. The Galaxian is a nice rotating laser effect. This is solely my opinion and not a opinion of ADJ because I'm a admin but my favorite between the two was the Sky. so that's my two watts. Smiler
I have not used the Royale.

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