just wanted to introduce myself, my name is dave, i live in NC and have been djing for about 5 yrs. im not a club dj,more like weddings parties ect. i got lated off a couple of weeks ago and decided to further my knowledge . here is what i have,
numark mixer cant remember what model
numark cdn35 cd player
2 samson 15" powered speakers

lights are
2 dj spot 250's
mirror ball
and a
few other cheap lights
but any way i found the forums when i got the mydmx software. i have read alot and there is alot of great info out there.

thanks djbigdave
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Hi there and welcome.

Sorry to hear you got layed off. I am currently without "reliable employment" but I'm not going to share all the details about that story. It's been 4 years now and it ain't getting any easier. Then again, I don't work well with others, especially with the others don't want to do the job right the first time.

The MyDMX is a great product. Maybe not ideal for everyone for everything, but definately a good tool for DJ's to have who'd rather go software based instead of hardware based for their lighting controlling.
hey thanks,
i agree do it right the first time and we wont have any problems.
I have an elation operator 192 but never sat down and played with it. i bought the mydmx cuz i got it for dirt cheap.
its been kinda nice and staying home and playing mr mom for a couple of weeks but its time to get out.
Could be worse. Could be my scenario:

I keep schedulign work, and them my wife decides "no, we're gonna screw that up". I resolved this problem by not telling her my plans and just scooting out when I have to go.

When she goes off maternity leave at the beginning of June, work is gonna crash to a halt and she'll be whining about how I am up all night every night. Well, I ain't gonna stop taking work!

The DMX Operator 192 is a nice unit. I'm super pleased with my DMX Operator. I paid about the same for MyDMX, and I've been pleased with MyDMX since then.
Third kid.

I had the DMX Operator running in no time, with NO prior DMX experience and NOT reading the manual.

To each their own. I came from a successful run using the DMX Operator, so why retire it? I generally run my MacBook Pro with MyDMX on TOP of the rack that has the DMX Operator and the OptiBranch/4. Should MyDMX dump on me, I swap a cable and I'm rock and rolling again. In my case, I'm taking advantage of existing prior investment.

In your case, starting out, I see no valid reason to have to start out with gear that frustrates you. For me, I'm an audio guy, I needed quick and easy to use, and that was 7 years ago. The DMX Operator, I must say, was a wonderful choice. But now that I'm using MyDMX, I'm liking that so much better.

It really doesn't matter which way you go. But, one thing you're really going to love is designing your light show using the 3D Visualizer. Oh man, what a time, money and power saver. Yeah, it make a take a bit to get set up properly, but that time investment is worth it. I should spend more time on mine but I have too many other projects that are true priority.(read: they are making me money)

The MyDMX is a great product. Yes, there are limitations to it, but look at the price. And even so, look at what you get for that money: a TON of goodies. Oh yeah, I'm loving it. I'm using as a FOH/lighting console solution. My shows are very simplistic, but I'm quite happy with the product. It does what I need when and how I need it to.

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