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Hey everyone,
I just received my two auto spot lights. They are truly amazing and are in a complete different league than the xp3 lights. I can't believe how bright and sharp the colors are. I hope you are enjoying yours freestyle. I used to think my mighty scans were my favorite lights but now the auto's are #1. Everything is sooo perfect about this light. no complaints yet. It's amazingly quick, awesome rotating gobos, well-made and durable and the gas bulb gives off the best color i've ever seen from an american dj light. Let me know if anyone has any questions? sorry i'm going on, but i just love these lights!
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Could you compare the brightness of these vs the XP3's? I used the XP3 for one dance - if it wasn't shining on the wall, you couldn't tell where the beam was! I'm hoping the Auto Spot will be brighter.

Also, are there different angle settings for the Auto Spot? I know the sister to this (L----d) has 210 degree floor, 90 degree floor, and 90 degree ceiling settings, so you can limit what area the units cover.

P.S. - I can't get the manual to work, whether I right-click and save, or left-click to open it. Help!
The brightness is 10X better vs. the xp3. I can leave all the lights on in my house and you can still see the gobos crystal clear. You barely need any fog to see the beam even in a well lit room. I believe with the xp3, the lights need to be pretty dim. To be honest, I was originally looking at 4 xp3 units at stores and thought they were nice. But the auto's just do so much and have such a professional quality. And yes you can adjust the angle of the beams to either a smaller or larger room.
Sorry, beam isn't the correct word. I don't use fog at most of my gigs due to fire alarm concerns. What I meant was the end of the beam, where it hits the ceiling/wall/floor/crowd. I could see it (not so great) on the walls, etc. but not when it went into the crowd. I have to deal with some pretty strong ambient lighting and can't use fog, so brightness is important. Thanks BC, you've helped me a lot!

P.S. - Online manual is still not working Frowner

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