niiiice. The beeping at first was kind of annoying, it was really good, but I think you over used it, and I think it was kind of sharp, could have been better if it had a little lower pitch. But the second section ruled, really, that was awesome. The third section with the beat juggling was really good, but it could use some work.

the beeping was to show that he can memic the song with the pitch control on the turntable !
He played like 3 different songs i think with the same tone, so there was really no other way for him to switch the music up faster then that.
when I said pitch... I didn't mean the speed, I meant the actual pitch of the beep, make it a lower tone beep.

And I figured he was memicing the songs, but I thought that maybe with the first song, it was enough... Cause he did a damn good job at it, I don't think the others needed more proof that he could do it Wink

Also, cadillac, how did you do the scratching in the second section... I want to learn how to do it, but I just don't have anything to learn from Frowner
I couldnt make the tone any lower due to the amount of notes needed to play those songs. I have to use various pitches at 45 and 33. I dont know what to tell you about the scratching. I think there is all kinds of tutorials on the web and multiple videos out to help you learn the various scratches. If you are in the Georgia/South Carolina area, I am always down to hook up and session. Thanks for the replies everyone, and Ill try to keep the files coming. CADILLAC
Cadillac dog that right there is tight. I saw your post this morning but I don't have speakers at work so I had to wait til I got home to listen. Tight as hellllllllll. Your using the PS2's? I got a ways to go. I can hear what you were talking about when it wasn't quite there, but even that was tight. Motivation has been reignited. Thanks dog. That right there will keep haters at bay for a while. Word up. Put some more stuff down.

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