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i have traktor scratch pro 2 now and i have a audio 8 dj ad i also use the vms4 along with this i call it the mother ship but there is one thing if i want 2 change from using the timecode and go 2 using the vms4 i click the play button and it takes me out of scratch control but when i want 2 go back into scratch control it i have 2 click on it with my mouse is there any way i can mapp the scratch control button on my vms4
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sure. i use the CUE button for internal playback (no timecode) and the PLAY button to switch seamless to relative mode - this way it can go back and forth without any skips and all.

(the reason i'm using play and cue button reversed is that it fits this way the traktor screen, but you could do that of course different)

for going into relative mode you have to map the following:

timecode > playback mode int/rel/abs
type of controller: button
interaction mode: direct
set to value: relative mode
as you said it: the play button takes you out of scratch control.

i meant the same thing - a track is running and can be controlled with all controls except the timecode record at that moment.

clicking on the relative button again enables timecode functionality. if the record is still running you will have no skip between the modes.

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