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My band and I have been using 2.1 for a couple of years, and have about 150 songs with fully programmed lighting , cued off of a MIDI track that is synced to our click track. This works great. We decided to move to 3.0 for ease of programming, better being able to use the Easy Remote and 3D Visualizer , etc.

We have this strange thing that happens that has caused us to not be able to use 3.0 in performance yet. Any help would be appreciated to figure out what is happening. If we interrupt the playing of a song - stop the backing track / click track midsong for any reason - our lights go haywire for several seconds, sometimes up to a minute. When we do the very same thing in 2.1, (stop sending MIDI signal) - the lights immediately go to blackout mode and turn off. We'd like this to also be the case in 3.0 - see attached videos for 2.1 vs. 3.0.

Any help would be appreciated to figure out what is happening in 3.0 - we'd love to upgrade and leave 2.1 behind but as of right now, we are unable to due to this issue.

Thank you!


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Some additional background - I turned on the MIDI Watcher, just to see what might be happening, and there seems to be some random Control Changes that appear after the lights go crazy. I don't  think they're coming from the app, I certainly haven't set up any especially on channels 15, 16, etc. so I'm not sure where they come from.


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Good evening - thank you for the suggestion to try. I just attempted this - it unfortunately still causes the lighting to go haywire when the MIDI signal stops going to MyDMX 3.0.

Perhaps there's a parameter I'm missing when I'm setting up the MIDI programming of the scene to a MIDI note on from my keyboard? There are so many additional parameters that were not in 2.1.

Here is a screenshot of how each scene is triggering via the MIDI note:


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ok so i heard back a bit more from one of the techs at the developers office.

"You can import the show file from previous software as they have been doing, MIDI is implemented differently, MyDMX2.1 only uses MIDI IN, and MyDMX3 uses MIDI IN & OUT. This shouldn’t necessarily cause the flickering the customer experiences, however as it is implemented different, I believe the best action is to test a couple of scenes being re-mapped to MIDI in MyDMX3 to ensure the shortcut is current and see if the issue still remains. I would also ask to have a copy of their show file so I can test it here too."

So try this and let us know, we can also take a look at the show file if you want, you can shoot it over to me at

Good afternoon James,

I'm attaching my imported and saved 3.0 file.

When I loaded the DLM file from 2.1 , my MIDI settings did not work in the
new program, so I had to remap all the keys on my keyboard to all the same
scenes so they now work the same way in both 2.1 and 3.0.

Any help would definitely be appreciated to figure out this issue, it's the
last thing holding me back from making the full change over to 3.0 for
using in our shows.

Thank you!



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