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I suggest you use one controller for the pars, and one for the rest. I suggest a co-pilot for your lights, except for the pars. Due to the reason you have so many pars, the only way you could fix that problem is hooking them to a extension cord then into the co-pilot. But then you have less control over your pars. So I suggest you get the DP-8A (8 channels) so you will have to hook up the 4 extra pars with one of the 8, so you have have 4 pars running unshared with 4 channels, and 8 pars sharing 4 channels.


Light Copilot
Yes, one controller can handle pars and int. lights! Controllers like the Operator and Show Designer can handle both easily depending on what you want to do. The best thing to do is to program scenes and chases (designed to best fit your club set-up) that can be called up anytime. Note: some M***** lights use a different protocol than DMX and need a M***** controller or an expensive converter. Forget M***** and get the ADJ stuff!!!!! Big Grin
I have the Show Designer, and I've got some experience now programming it. Personally, with all those different fixtures, I think it'd be really confusing trying to program them all. Maybe the best thing to do would be to put just the PAR cans and the scanners on the controller, and leave the rest of the stuff as sound-activated. Also, since the Show Designer is kinda expensive, I'm not sure it'd be the best controller to get. If you only control the scanner(s) and dimmer packs, you can get by with a much cheaper controller like the Operator, and still have a lot of control.
The original question was "can you run all these on one controller" - the answer is YES!

Since it is a club, and I assume there is a bit of a budget, I say go with the most control. A Show Designer may be overkill if there are no plans to expand but an Operator is a great unit too. In addition, in a club you often play to relatively the same crowd. Variety is important! Get a real controller and design some looks and shows for your club!! Also, nobody should buy 3 dimmer packs for 12 lights!!!! At least two lights can go to each channel and, if the wattage in those par 36's isn't too much, you can probably run three to a channel.
One question, are you sure those par 36's are "par" lights and not pin spots???? Many pins are in par 36 cans (but you can get a base and a 120V flood into a par 36 size can). Pins would require a relay pack not a dimmer pack.

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