Is it ok to run a PS2 and a PSX? Cause i don't want a huge emphasis on scratchin, i want more on mixing. But i do want scratching readily available to me. So i figure, since i'm on a little budget, i can have the best of both worlds. Is this ok?
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If you aren't planning on doing heavy turntablism tricks you don't need the ps2's, the psx does have a scratch effect whilst it's not exact as the ps2 is. . . .but if you are concentrating more on mixing and don't have the budget for the ps2, then pick up to psx units and you will be fine.
hehe.. kinda new what exactly is beat juggling? anyways, i can get 2 ps2's.. however i don't think the need for 2 is there. so i figure save myself a lil money and go with a quality CD turntable in the PSX and have top notch running right next to it. tru the psx has a scratch effect, but the ps2's have the best scratchin available. so i figure i can do some good mixing with some good scratching.. correct me if i'm wrong with that statement.. and oh yea.. DJ SKILZ ACTUALLY RESPONDED TO MY POST!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!
Skilz is real cool Cool . Hey Styles P if you look around these boards like the... PS2's are the bomb... thread and anything else that has me on it, I will tell you putting out the extra money to get two PS2's will be worth it. That might mean a couple extra nights at the club spinning or saving a little more on the weekends, whatever you got to do. You will see having two PS2's is the only way to go. You will eventually get good at djing, then you will get real good and then you will get awesome and your PS2's will still serve there purpose. I guess I'm trying to say don' buy something you will eventually out grow. You know your budget better than I so ask yourself if you wait one month to get 2 PS2's could you make that happen? You'll be glad you did if you stop and think again how you can make it happen. Work a couple extra gigs, a few extra hours at your regular job. You'll be glad you did. Cool
thanks a lot tiger.. yes i've seen many of ur posts. maybe u should keep this in mind, sorry i forgot to tell u, but i'm only 15. gonna be 16 in 4 months, so as far as the job and club scene goes, i can't do any of that. my gigs will consist of mostly dances for school and some parties. mostly just dj'in for myself in my room. so i don't think the need for ps2's are that great RIGHT NOW. i mean talkin years down the road when i hit the club scenen imma definatly get top notch stuff, but right now, i feel that the psx and ps2 would fit my purposes. do u agree?
Sorry I thought most of the teens stuck to the teen section. But in your case on a serious note yes 1 PSX and 1 Pro Scratch 2 would be cool. The video that comes with the Pro Scratch 2 has both models on there as well to show you how to hook them up. Only thing is when you play your Pro Scratch 2 you can only be half as obnoxious as me Big Grin . Good luck. Cool
Sorry to disappoint you styles p but it was not skilz it was me clip, on skilz laptop, I'm trying to help him catch up to my post count and i'm too lazy to log in on my own name . . . plus he will beat me . . . . . But he did see this post and agrees with me .

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