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1. Can a Co-Pilot handle 2 Mighty Scans, a Fiesta, a RazzMatazz and 2 Jewels? Basically I want to hook up my Mighty Scans to the Co-Pilot with my high-tech effects.

2. I don't plan to buy a dimmer pack for my Mighty Scans since I am going to get either the DMX Operator or Operator II. Will either of these controllers have a dimmer function?

Thanks In Advance... Big Grin
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Since a lighting copilot can handle 15 amps lets figure out the draw of each fixture. Mighty Scans approx 2.75 amps each. Fiesta 2.75, RazzMatazz 6.5 Jewells 1 amp each that's 16.75 amps. So, well you could plug them in, you couldn't turn them all on at once! Since your getting a controller you would plug the Mighty Scans directly into the an unswitched wall. . To answer your second question, their will be no dimming. you shouldn't dim Mighty Scans, nor any effect with a motor.
To answer your question about the dimmer on DMX operator... yes... they have that feature... You DO NOT want to put your lights on a dimmer pack. That will mess up the internal electronics plus ruin the bulb. I would definitely recommend the DMX Operator or the Operator II for rookies to the DMX field... very good controller, but more simple than the show designer...
-LJ Jared D

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