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I am slowly getting to grips with my dmx and inno pocket spots but is there a way to restrict the pan and tilt to tighter angles in my dmx.
I would like to restrict to less that 180 degrees.
I have one spot set to pan invert on the head and that seems to work even using DMX.What is the best setting on the heads when using dmx other than the dmx address.
Are you using MyDMX 1 or 2? Well it's the same in either one.
Switch from grid view to list view in the set up tab.
Then you will see the name of the heads, to the far right of that you will see check boxes, hover your mouse over them and a help bubble will tell you what they are for, pick the ones for invert X and Y and you should be set.

There is no way to limit the pan and tilt axis for it to only go within a certain area, easiest way to do this is to program them that way. I've made a demo show for the inno pocket spots and i use that method to program them, and it's pretty solid way to program your neutral/blackout positions and keep using them.
Does this make sense?
Sorry to ask so many questions.
I have been using a pair of Inno pocket spots but have them set to the same address (001)and have one set to pan invert and they seem to work similar to master slave mode, but I am having trouble setting the pan and tilt as I want them.
Should I have the fixtures set as address 001 and then 012 using 11 chanel mode.
I cant seem to grasp how the sliders affect the pan and tilt when setting up a scene.

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