Is there a description anywhere of the built in shows for these lights.


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Thanks is this because the lights are programmed by someone else rather than ADJ? It seems strange that a product is supplied without details of what the functions are?

No, not at all, we program the lights for sure. Just historically we don't write out what each step is for each auto program, it can be quite a long list. 
That being said, i will reach out to our R&D and see if they have any notes to share. 

Thanks Jingles that would be good if you can find anything out.

I bought the lights from a previous owner and unfortunately the mounting brackets were missing. I can’t find anywhere in the UK that sells these individually, do you have a source?

I'm sorry i thought i had posted, we don't keep such lists of built in programs. 

Did you still need helping finding brackets or did you find that on our parts store online? 

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