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I just purchased the MyDMX Go and have had ZERO connectivity issues using a rather inexpensive android tablet.  

The one problem I am having though is the scanners are not working properly. I have the ADJ Inno Pocket Scan (x2) using seperate DMX address for each.  They work ok when just manually selecting a movement, color, or gobo.  But unfortunately they do not work very well when using the auto mode (slow, med, fast) settings.  One of the scanners just locks the mirror in one position while an the other moves in random patterns while stuck on one color (white) and the empty gobo.  

The auto mode is a key feature of this product and for it not to work good with a "same brand' light is unacceptable.  

Any ideas for a fix?

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MyDMX Go support for the Inno Pocket Scan seems relatively poor, as it has no gobo icons come up either.

I had a similar problem with my units and in the end put both of them on one channel and reversed the motion on the second fixture. It is alway worth checking that there is no conflict between the selected scanning area on the fixtures as this can be set independantly for each address and this could cause the second fixture to be locked in one position.

I doubt there will be any resolution to these problems as the Inno Pocket Scan appears to have been discontinued.

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