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I have a problem with mydmx3 and easy view. And so: I create a new show, I make a patch of devices, i.e. 10eye led heads and e.g. led bars (multi beam), I open 3D, everything works as needed, each beam can be controlled separately and give him a different color, etc. After saving the show, if I open 3D, as "untitled" in the 10eye heads, all beams shine the same way, with one color, the same happens in the led bar. Led bar has 4 sections, and all these sections shine with one color. The sliders that normally correspond to the colors in each section change the colors in mydmx3 but do nothing at all in 3d. However, the first three sliders - dimmer shuter and program take over their function and start the RED GREEN AND BLUE colors. of course, without division into sections only in all at once.
After saving the file in 3D Easy View, it improves for a while, everything works but then it does not work again.
What am I doing wrong? How to improve it?
I work on a laptop with a W7 processor i3 AMD Radeon HD 6300M series graphics card, the program mydmx3 full with a purchased license.
I think that the attached screenshots will clarify the matter a bit.


Images (4)
  • afterpatch
  • aftersaveR
  • aftersaveG
  • aftersaveB
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Hi, sorry for my hastily reply, i maybe confused your post with someone else's. I did load up your files and everything seemed to load fine, some fixtures  would only output green, so i have sent all of your files to the team and asked them to go over it with the 3D developers. I most likely will hear something back in a few days, i will let you know. 

Also yes, sorry for the issues for the 3D. The 3D is constantly undergoing changes and fixes etc. 

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