I won 22-0 at Battle other DJ's DJ BLAZE

Hey Blaze nice job... As for me, I've entered plenty of battles in the past, i don't remember how many, but i do remember the last time i tried to enter a battle it was at the WMC Convention in Miami back in March this year. I was told that i wasn't allowed too compete because it wouldn't be fare. So Instead they let me do a live performance with DJ CRAZE & DJ INFAMOUS infront of 5000 people, it was INSANE, and... Oops i don't mean to be bragging. Cool
well skilz you are forgetting that time we had that battle over where to put the . 's in your name s.k.i.l.z. or sk.i.lz. Wink and then there was that battlle for the last turkey leg ,vicious. . . .
well i'm not exactly sure if you were battling another dj or a monkey but congrats blaze. . how long have you been battling?spinning?
[QUOTE]Originally posted by DJ Speed Dee:
[QB]Congrats DJ Blaze!!
I can't do much bragging except a couple of my re-mixes were played on the radio.
Congrats again Baze!!!
DJ Speed Dee

I was not try to brag DJ Speed Dee. What's the of your re-mixes.
Yo hi guys! I'm from Vienna(Austria) and i'm quite a n00b in the DJ buiz. (im 17), but i started working in a small club, playing mainly house and dancefloor! I have a set of Technics Turntables and a small mixer...know i wanna get those american dj front loader cd players, as the pionneer cd players are too expensive for me....id be really happy to get some tips from you guys! You rather prefer Turntables or cd players?????
DJ Cell,

Welcome to the forum. If you have any questions just let me know and i'll be more then happy to help you.

You asked if we prefer to use turntables or CD players... The only way to answer this question correctly is by knowing which equipment best suits you? Do you want the CD player to work just like the Turntable? or because you only have CDs? Do you use Turntables because you only have Vinyl? But my answer to your question would be just as long as the equipment does the job then it doesn't really matter. I personally prefer both when i spin. Smiler
The CD players I use now are Pro DJ 2 front load professional CD players! These are great and come with Instant start and seemless looping! Are you into effects? I would reccomend to you the American DJ Pro DJ 2 FX front load CD players. Although they are a little more pricie than the Pro DJ 2 CD players they include effects!
Hope that info helps you
DJ Speed Dee
Cool, acctually i have more cds tahn vynil! First , cds are cheaper here, second, you hardly can find good vynil here in austria Frowner
So acctually i use vynil just for scratch effects...its a shame....but im gonna get thoase DJ 2 front load players..and gonna come into real mixing! Do you use mp3? Cause i heared mp3 has bad quality...
Im searching for some good house music, any tips for me?
thx for the help Smiler
DJ Cell I can send you some of the house I made from scratch if you want it! MP3 mixing that I do has ok sound quality! One of the mixes called Be Wit Me that I can send you is and MP3 mix and the quality is ok. The others are reallyg good! If you want the mixes send an e-mail to me at Evil_DJ_Krew@hotmail.com Anyone else who wants two of my house mixes send me an e-mail!
DJ Speed Dee

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