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I work at a bar that has a Fogstorm 1700hd. It worked fine until recently, when it ran out of fog juice. At that point, it started making the basketball buzzer sound whenever i tried to make it produce fog. I refilled the tank and it still didn't work. When I press either the manual button on the remote or the back of the machine, I don't even hear a pump noise. I think I may have heard a slight click from inside. I have found all I can on the internet about it and I'll save whoever is willing to help some time. The green LED on the front is still lit. After warm-up time, the outer green and red LEDs on the remote are lit. It does heat. The floater is not stuck. I pressed the reset button plenty of times and have unplugged it for about 3 mins then plugged it back in. One thing I couldn't find out is how he feeder tube is supposed to attach to the machine. When I refilled it, the whole tube disconnected. Is it supposed to just go in the hole and sit in some tank, or actually attach to something? I would have opened it up by now, but it is tightly secured to the ceiling. Any amount of help would be greatly appreciated. I'm really tired of climbing that damn ladder.
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Hi Fogless and welcome to the forums.

Sounds like you burned out the pump when you ran it dry. The pumps in these machines aren't meant to pump air and it will damage the pumps (they use to fluid to both lubricate and cool). Your best bet would be to try and replace the pump and see what happens.

Please, however, don't try this yourself if you are not qualified as you can seriously injury yourself, the machine, and/or others.
Might be a good idea to climb that ladder once a week and see how much fluid is in that fogger. Maybe more often.

Call support at ADJ. Good folks. You can try it yourself based on what they think the problem is, and then you can either have them send you to parts(get the parts list you need first) or go online and see if the parts are available. I'd go online to famiarize myself with the parts available first today, then call support Monday morning when the call volume tends to be lower.

Also, while you wait, take the fogger down from the ceiling because after all, you love going up and down that damn ladder, so what the hell difference will one more trip make, right?(all lights and fixtures should be able to be taken down for maintenance but should be nice and tight for installation but should ALSO have a safety cable installed)
Defrag your drive and run your music off a drive that does not contain the OS and apps. Use 7200rpm drives whenever posible. Also, if running off a stick, defrag the stick(or copy everything off, reformat it, then move the stuff back. ALSO, some computers have a USB port that is more dominant or prioritized. On MacBooks, it's the one on the same side as the firewire port.

Lastly, ensure all your drivers and hardware are optimized for 64-bit. Not everything is there yet, but it's a lot better than it was a year ago.

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