First, sorry for my bad english

I'm hip-hop activist from Bosnia (I'm former of one organization which promote rap music in my country and balcan) and now we are making our mixtape... I need some scratch for real rap sound, and also support from another countries (to show people hip-hop is accepted music), so could anybody help to us and do some scratches please...

Thanks, I hope you will help me and support rap in bosnia...
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I would say it's better for you to learn how to scratch rather than rely on others to scratch for you.

Sorry, I'm not in the category of people who accept rap or hip hop as music. yeah, let's loop the same 1 bar beat for 4 and a half minutes. Yeah, whee!

Without having the skills you need, you're not going to make good headway. Find some sites that will tell you how to "scratch". You'll find your scratch sounds are very heavily dependent on what audio is under the stylus. You'll also find that the scratching is part of the performance as well.

Then it's time to move onto something else.

If you're gonna start using samplers, heck, a sampler is gonna cost more than midrange turn-table.

You want to make a mixtape. Wow. Do you even know what a mix-tape is? I take it you're gonna get together with a bunch of others to make a "compilation tape" with songs by all of you? Good idea. But that takes gear.

So, if you're not willing to invest, it's obviously not worth the effort. If you're gonna use pre-made scratches, you're going to either use a sampler for triggering(and hence a MIDI interface) or some virtual synth/sampler type unit or a music production package. And honestly, you're gonna want to at least take your mixdown and run it through some analog processing TRULY outside the computer, and even in mastering you might want some analog processing as well to warm up those tracks. But you can leave the mastering to someone else, that's always a smart move.

Either invest in gear and learn how to do it, or move onto something else. I'm not a DJ, I'm a sound production company that is capable of going from concerts to recording to mixdown and mastering, taking an idea from concept to realization and then making marketable deliverables.

If you want to be taken seriously, you need to take it seriously. If you're not willing to get skills and invest in equipment to help you make the music you want(or hire those who can do it for you), then you're not serious. You need real scratch for real rap sound, so you should therefore learn to do real rap and real scratch to get what you're after. And, a lot of rap doesn't use scratching, as it depends on the style of the artist or how they are choosing to write at the moment.

Sorry. But you may be aware of the phrase "money talks, male bovine excrement uses bipedal locomotion". I'll let you figure out the "accepted" version as I just posted the G-rated version of it.

Have fun.

HipHop is NOT composition, in any shape or form, if anything, it's poetry, and the poetry in hiphop died alongside the likes of Big Punisher.

If you dont want to/cant invest a mere 500 bucks for some basic turntables, then forget it, let it go, how can you call this a passion, when your not willing to sacrifice?

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