I'm having problems with midi controller

I'm using MyDMX Buddy with MyDMX 2.0 software to control the lights at my church. I recently bought a Worlde Easycontrol 9.0 MIDI to control my lights with. If I run the program without the Buddy interface, the controller works fine. I save my work and plug in the Buddy interface and it doesn't even recognize the midi. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Could it be the controller? Any advice would be greatly appreciated 

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High There,

I have a VMS4.1 Traktor edition and never had any issues. But sinds the update to osx 10.12 i can only play in internal 4in/4out mixing mode. When i select 2in/8out mode traktor pro 3 freezes or crashes.

Is there an update for the mixer?


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