Ok, im just starting to get into DJing, for the past few months i've been going to my friends every weekend and scratching on his tables and such, well i finally saved up enough money to buy some tight gear but i got a few questions about mixers. My friend told me to go with the q-spand, but in the description it doesnt say you can scratch with that mixer, while other mixers are "scratch, battle style mixer" what are the differances and will i be able to scratch with the q-spand?

at the moment my list for gear is

2x - ****** TT-X1 direct drive turn tables
q - spand or QMX2BPM mixer
**** Dj - Remix headphones

and thats it so far if you have any suggestions please reply.

(P.S.) Im saving up for a pair of speakers but for now im gonna plug this into my dads surround sound system if the reciever will take it =D)
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The point for a mixer to be battle style is because it is designed for a heavy dudy DJ to do alot of scratching on it, so that fader will last for a long time. Battle Mixers are specificly designed so that the Turntables or CD decks are close together for easier access to do Tricks, and maneuvers. If this is what your planning on doing then i would go with a Battle mixer. My personaly favorite that i suggest you look at are the QMX1 , or the QMX2. Good day !

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