I am using the PRO S Ortofon needles but they keep on jumping when i am scratching and doubling up on tracks etc I have been on the Ortofon website and got the needle spect etc but dont really understand

Can somebody help me and let me know the best way to set theses babies up so they dont jump e.g

Anti Scratch Should be set to?
Weight Should be set to?
Tone Arm?

Also i saw a video on youtube where the weight was placed the over way round

Basically I just need help setting theses needles up so they dont jump

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It really comes down on your tables, sorry. skate should be on zero, but if your tone arm is not up to quality standard, it goes like this:
grab a record with no grooves ( most likely a B side to something with no track on it. scratch back and forth. depending where your needle is jumping to (either center or outside of record), paly with the anti- skate. you will notice that the more you adjust, the more the needle will go either direction. the idea is to keep it dead center. I cannot help much with the weight since I cannot remember exactly how it goes but It's something like finding the perfect balance on the tone arm where it holds it self and doesn't go to either side. once you are there, rotate the black plastic on the counterweight to zero and you are supposed to add a specific amount of weight. not sure how much so everything I typed was useless in this case. figure it out, or upgrade. that's pretty much all I can give you. Good luck!
Why did yu buy these ones if you are going to scratch.... This is an allrounder. First of all
have your adjusted the needleforce to 4 gram which they advise?
Which turntabele do you have? Skating is set to zero when scratching. And just the heigt of the tonearm, so that the flat site of the needle is horizintal with your record.
Personally i wiuld have bought the goog old shures 44's, cause they don't skip easily and the needlepressure is lower, so your digital or normal vinyl doesn't wear out that fast.
Another thing you should watch when you buy needles is the output, yours give 5mv with a certain platterspeed, which ain't high.
But be sure that your player is standing horizontal perfectly, otherwise adjust it, and use some rubberstuf under feet which absorbs shocks.
Be sure sure you your tonearm has no space and most of all , begin just gently. Alot of beginner are much to rough and then jumps every needle. Same with the fader.... just easy things ,don't start with crabs for examples.
Here are my tips:

Make sure your decks are on a level and sturdy table without wobble.
Make sure your records are not warped and that the hole for centre spindle is not too big. If the hole is too big and the record rattles around, the needle will jump.
Get a skip proof sample record like superseal 4d

look me up on youtube :-) Ericuk

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