I just wanted to let you guys know that i am back to help everybody that has any questions regard Gear, DJ'ing, Scratching, " ECT ". ( in the correct section of the forum.)

I would like to make this forum what it once was. I know many of you feel like this forum was alot better a long time ago, but i would like to bring the old times back.

I am sorry for my absence, but there were events in my life that needed my full attention.

I am now back FULL TIME..

So let the games begin...
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Welcome back SKILZ! Hope everything is going good.

I think the forum has been pretty decent. Not overly active, but I think with all the new gear ADJ/AA is coming out with, we should see an increase in traffic. I know "RealLife" gets in the way from time to time, we all can't be on the board 24/7. But, I think we have a good number of members who check in throughout the day to answer questions and shoot the breeze. And play the occasional Flash game. Smiler
okay, it might not be my place to say welcome back...cause im the new guy Roll Eyes Roll Eyes ...but hey...juss thought i'd stop by to say wassup Big Grin Big Grin ... and hopefully see what the "old days" are like....i swear the guys are always talkin about how good the "old days" were...makes me wish i was here back then....lol..peace
Ahhh...the good 'ol days...when bread was a nickle, you could see a movie for 10 cents (and get two cartoons and a news reel!), the "New Deal" was new, and everyone could download MP3s for free, without fear of being arrested. Big Grin

Of course, I used to have to walk to every gig, uphill (both ways), in the snow, with all of my equipment on my back. Back then, DJ's were alot tougher. Smiler

Now, where did I put my grammaphone???
Did someone say.....REDBULL.......
Man, Skilz is back and now I have to leave again. Mad The military calls once again. I must return to the desert. I seriously considered bringing my PS2's and qmx2, but I think it would be hard maintaining a low profile if I have music bumping and redbulls guzzling left and right. Then running all over the desert blasting at fools who look suspicious. Big Grin Not cool. I hope you put out some new videos for the new cd players coming out next year. I will be back in time to take a long look at them. Money in hand just like last year ready to buy. Cool
It's great seeing all of you again..

and for Fobster.. don't worry you'll catch up and understand how we work around here.

Tigrsharc1.. it's been awhile man. I wish you best of luck back in the desert.. please stay safe.. and maybe when you get back i can give you some detailed information about the CDI 500. I know your not a big fan of it.. i was reading around. Wink But i know things about that unit that makes it better then the PS2. So if you have any question regarding the new CDI 500 spill your guts on the table, and holla !

Here are some Facts on the CDI 500 that you guys might not know yet !

1) Platter is slightly bigger then the PS2.

2) The whole unit is a half times bigger then the PS2.

3) The Platter is easier to control, and to use.. it's still Metal like the PS2, but lighter for better control.

4) More Features then the PS2, and built with less expensive parts to give you the best price for the unit.
This is probably my last week before we leave. I just can't wait to see the new gear that may come out between now and when ever we are done. Skilz I may have to check out those cdi500's just to see what the deal is. I think had we all seen a video of you working them like the PS2's I would have had a better feel for them. I would like to upgrade, but it didn't seem neccessary with the lack of real information. Just the few things you brought up makes a big difference. When I get back I am definitely going to demo them. Right now we are in Japan and there is primary one name here, not to mention not a whole lot of pro gear outlets here. I just have to wait till I come back to the states to see or try out anything.
Thanks for the support and it's good having you back Skilz. Peace Cool
Yeah i second that... Anyways Skilz whats up? What are you up to these days??
I talked to clip a few weeks ago... seems hes back in new york and in a good mood. hope to see him here too.

Btw when do we get to see pics of the new cd player??? Confused Confused
It doesn't look like I'll be able to make Mobile Beat (starting a new business venture), but I'll definately see you in AC at DJ Times. Let me know what I can do for you there. BTW, just because I won't get to Vegas in time for Mobile Beat, my wife would really like to go to Vegas this year, so it looks like I'll still get to go harass Skilz out there sometime this year.

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