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as many know, these lights are similar in the patterns they create

the Revo 4 is the more expensive fixture of the 2, which is odd to me :-)

just wondering if anyone has both
or has seen or used both

i think i MUST buy the Hyper Gem and place @ center @ very top of my light stand and face toward crowd, toward ceiling or toward backwall of stage (many options)

i own the Revo 4,
but after seeing lots of youtube clips on Hyper Gem,
all i can say is WOW !!!

Hyper Gem

from 2:06 to 2:30 you see JUST 1 Hyper Gem

i wish ADJ showed ONLY 1 light in action for ALL of their demos,
so we could easily compare apples to apples,
or in this case light to light

Revo 4

any thoughts/opinions?
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I think you're mistaken.

I'm not exactly sure which one the Revo 4 is. As I said previously, I know a band that used a Revo(non LED) and shot it at the audience through heavy fog and that was a freakin' awesome effect and I'd like to do that myself, and if the Revo4 would take care of that, I might be tempted to get one.

As far as the Hyper Gem, I won't voice an opinion. I haven't seen it yet so I have no opinion.

My events are mostly band type events. Festivals, showcases, concerts and things of that nature of my main thing. I am also tied into the "freak show" convention circuit in my area, doing SacAnime, Sac Horror/Sci-Fi, as well as heavily tied into Sac Horror Film Fest and Amber's Sweets. Amber's Sweets is more theater-type stuff. Sac Horror Film Fest is an arts festival based around horror and horror-themed films. Sac Horror Sci-Fi is run by the folks who do SacAnime, and the Sac Horror Sci-Fi is as it sounds: stuff based on horror and sci-fi. SacAnime is all things anime, and for that event, there is a rave that has expanded to 2 nights. That event would work well with the Revo4, and probably most of the lights you are using. I'm sure stuff like the Jellyfish and even the Hyper Gem would fit in.

The thing is, ravers don't want lots of light out there. They wand their darkness, glow sticks and finger lights, as well as other folks who bring in LED light-up toys and other stuff. I myself and trying to design a trading pin that lights up for this event to sell. For me, it makes no business sense to invest money into lights just for these raves. I got some traditional high-tech FX that can serve the task just fine.

As far as lights I'm interested in purchased, should finding allow:

Jingles has been talking to me about some new movers to replace the ones I have. New movers would definately be a nice addition.

8-16 LED wash lights from Elation. Either 16 Opti Tri pars, or more likely 8 opti Tri Pars and 8 RGB Zooms.

4 Profile Panels.

A second Opto Branch/4

For the work I do, because I'm not a DJ, these lights make much more sense.

I do have older hi-tech FX that serve other needs, although these days, that need appears to be "sit in my truck and take up space" since they are rarely used:

Sunray III
Electra(not the II or 250, but the older one!)
Barrel Flex
Double Twist

I also have a set of gel-colored Par36 pin spots, an 8" mirror ball and an ADJ mirror ball motor.

I also have 32 ADJ Par38's that I'd love to sell off and use towards something else. But the resale on these is almost nill.

so i DID IT !!!

i ordered 1 Hyper Gem and got it at a RIDICULOUS low price, new :-)

i want to add this to my 1 stand which now has 4 lights on the T-Bar, 2xRevo rave (on ends), revo4 & galaxian 3D between

was thinking of mounting this on ABOVE side of T-Bar, smack in the middle, upside down as that's where bracket would allow

i'll be using it to shoot out to dancefloor, over crowd, or backdrop (wall behind me), depending on venue

how do i go about doing this?
is easiest way to get O-Clip, and mount slightly to 1 side of bar, would love it center mount it between my revo4 and galaxian (but above)

thanks, i can't wait to try it out

i dont know, many people talked good about the rave

ive only used it twice, in small venue, so light was small as it was not that far from dancefloor

i was between rave and burst

burst is good, no moving parts
different pattern then rave

i hope i like the hypergem

email me and ill tell you more about the deal
this weekend only

musiclee at msn dot com
I'm with you, I think the Fusion Tri FX is a great fixture... I've heard that ADJ is coming out with the Fusion EFX Bar 5... are there any pictures or video of it... you say it will have a laser?... Nice!... I would have bought 2 Tri FX's myself if it had sound-active in DMX...

PS: I understand the Royal Sky laser is only Green and Blue, not RGB... That would make the Hypnotic the best new laser coming out, however, I heard it's street price will be more than twice that of the Galaxian 3D... if that's the case, I might just get the Galaxian 3D instead... does anyone know when the Hypnotic will be available for purchase?...

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