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WOW, i just picked up a pair of HTD 4.5 turntables (for $450CDN each), and what a fantastic product! I spun on them for a couple hours and am seriously loving it.

The extra features are cool, but the most important thing is that this turntable gets the basics right: power, stability, pitch, all good! All very responsive! I'd buy these over Tech 1200's any day, seriously way better value for the money... they'd still be a great value if they cost the same as 1200's, but they cost half as much, so you do the math!

The tonearm assembly is solid, the motor is 3 times as strong as the 1200, the pitch control is responsive, the base is heavy and solid, the on/off switch has a guard on it so you can't accidentally switch the power off while cueing up, what else do you need in a turntable?! Smiler
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where'd you get them for $ it in Toronto, cause the store i went to yesterday said i can get them for $500

but anyways, i in love with them...i tried them out for an hour yesterday and i absolutly love them. The torque is CRAZY, the platter picks up almost immediatly. Everything is really responsive and the tone arm is great. I experienced no skipping in a heavy scratch session.

I LOVE these, i'm picking up a pair next month
hey! I just got a set of 4.5's and im scratching like ive never scratched b4!! Ive got them hooked through the Q-D5 mixer with the optical crossfader and im very impressed with the outcome!! Im in Australia and i picked my tables up for $800 and the mixer for $400!!! I spoke to many people befor getting these decks and most Dj's said they would stay with their 1200's but they obviously havnt seen them yet!! The AA's havnt quite picked up yet in Australia but i think 1ce they find out about the HTD $4.5's they will be getting rid of their **** comparing 1200's!!! If your deciding between the 2 go for the AA's over the 1200's n e day!! DJ CINOS


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