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Hi there !

I don't want to bother you with my newbie questions, but i don't know how to do it right, so, i can't resist...

I'm mixing for about 4 years at home, and i begin to take my turntables out. This permit me to see the weakness of my two low price turntables and the difficulty of travelling without flightcases...
This makes me upgrade to 2 htd 4.5 turntables, and by the way, 2 AA's flightcases (TT).

The problem is that, once the 4.5 inside the flight, the top of the turntable is about 2 cm under the border of the flight, this makes the platter at the same height as the border of the flight.
I also discovered that the feet of the turntable aren't touching the "floor" of the flight...

I don't really care about this, but, the thing that are meant to retain the platter (when u close the flight, inside the top part of it), doesn't seems to touch it !! And i care about that !! Smiler

So, i wonder if i need to up my Turntables, and how i can do to take them at the right height (and i wonder what is the right height !)

if someone can help me to get out of this newbie situation, i'll always be thankful to her/him !

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thanks you !

I think "foam insert" are there, but, not big enough to retain the platter, or the turntable isn't high enough...

does the platter should be at the same height of the flightcase, or should it be totally "outside" the flightcase :

this is the first question, then i wonder if i had to "high" the turntable, because it seems to fit perfectly in the flightcase like now, with the platter at the boarder, because of 2 foam inserts, under the turntable, that keep the turntable from touching the "flightcase floor", but keep the balance and stability... but in fact, it makes my platter at the same level as the lower flightcase part, and not "out" of it.
the foam inserts under the turntables are parts of the flightcase...

sorry again, but if a easyshare soul has the answer, sure it make me happy ! Wink
Sorry no one could answer you quicker, the forum was not available for a couple of days. Secondly, I'm not quite sure I completely understand you, but I believe you are trying to ask how high the tt should be in the case. Well the best answer is, you want to set it at the height that is most comfortable for your own use. Please, forgive me if I am missenturpreting your question. If I am, could you provide a picture or diagram, that may help out?
hi ! and thanks for your support !

finaly, i open a "homepage", let's see if it works...

here they are !

this one shows how high is my turntable in the case. the 2 next to precise...

these 2 are supposed to show the gap between the border of the case, and the top of the turntable (not the platter).

here, you can see the 2 "foam inserts" where the tt is lying (the 2 biggest one), and which prevent the feet from touching the "floor".

and finally, this one to show you the 2 foam inserts that are supposed to block my platter when the case is closed.

in fact, i want to have secure flightcase, and want these 2 last foam inserts to block my platter...
I touched nothing, the case is like it was when i received it, and i wonder why it doesn't block the platter as it is supposed to...
It's a AA flightcase. (european style, i think)

if i have to higher my turntable, how can i do to keep stability, which materials can i use, and how to ?

thanks again for your support, if something still dark, don't hesitate to ask me !

Yeah you definately want the table higher than it is. I don't own one of those cases, so I am not exactly sure what comes with it as far as adjusting, My only recommendation would be to try a store like PSSL, or other shop that sells the soft foam, you can get it in varyng thicknesses that you can use to raise the tt up a bit.
Maybey Joey, or Skilz have a better ideal, as they would be more familiar with the case than I.

BTW, I fixed your images for you Wink and don't worry you're no inconvienience Smiler
Sorry to Bring this Way back up, but its similar to what i am wondering, but i couldn't toatally understand this senario that i found in Search. Sorry...but bare w/ me please.

I have AA~htd4.5 and i put it in my RoadReady Case. The problem i am wondering about is the platter being a little TOO high? When i close the case.....i have to shut it about half an inch to lock it. (So i know it is in there snugg) but can that pressure effect the platter to end up bending or disform if repeating it a lot? I tried to Lower the table w/ the Ruber FEET, but they are screwed in all the way possible.

Should i not worry about it? Or should i shave some of the foam(its kinda soft, but more solid) off to make sure its not going to damage the platter? Thanx.

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