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Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum and to Intel lighting in general. I purchased a bunch of stuff on Ebay with hopes of putting it together to light up my band. I purchased to ADJ Color 150's and a ******* (I know, this is a ADJ site) Junior DMX-6 controller. I would like to change color and dim the 150's through programming, but right now I can't get the 150's to respond to the controller.

Is the Junior-6 incompatible with the 150's? I am using regular XLR cables and I'm not sure of the polarity of those cables. What channel controls the color change, and what channel controls the dimming?

Please help!!! LOL

Al Roll Eyes
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Ok, thanks to all the great help on this forum, I've got my color-150's working.

Now I'm having problems controlling them with the Junior-6 controller. When I move the faders, I go from blackout (fader down) to the last color of Purple on the 150 when the fader is at #9. When the fader is all the way up on #10, ALL the lights FREEZE and no longer respond to the controller. I have to change the sensitivity on the sound activation knob and send a sound to re-set the light or re-plug them in. What DMX signal could be causing this? I have two units; one set as Head #3 and the other Head #4 which coorespond to Fader #3 and Fader #4 respectively.

Another problem is the color-150's do not respond to any built in programs from the Junior-6 for color changes.

The way I see it is either I'm a complete idiot and don't know my arse from my elbow, or the Junior-6 controller is not compatible with the color-150's

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Al Confused

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